Zen Den

Mosaic Wellness is happy to introduce a meditative space: our Zen Den!

The research literature is clear that Mindfulness Practices are very beneficial for mental/emotional/relational health. Our counselors can help cultivate those practices with clients and the Zen Den is a wonderful space that can be used.  Not only is it available to clients during counseling sessions, the Zen Den is available to rent by the hour for individual use.

The aesthetic and atmosphere of the Zen Den is conducive to many Mindful Practices

An essential oil diffuser is available to add some aromatherapy options.

Scented lotions help with tactile grounding and some pampering.

Pillows can be rearranged at will for maximum comfort while meditating.

Guided meditations on your personal device can help walk you through Mindful Practices.

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If you are interested in renting this space, contact us at 325.232.7530 to schedule a time to come and meditate!
The fee for using the Zen Den is $20/hour.